Kyo Yasai – Kyoto Vegetables (京野菜)

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Today, Im writing about Kyo Yasai – Kyoto Vegetables in French, English, and Japanese to introduce Kyoto.



Kyo Yasai – Les légumes de Kyoto

 Les eaux souterraines pures et abondantes, ainsi que les cours d’eau de la rivière Kamo, le sol fertile et le climat humide de cette géographie en forme de bassin / de ce bassin géographique. Ces bénédictions naturelles nourrissent ces dons spéciaux que sont les Kyo Yasai, ou  légumes de Kyoto. Nombre de Kyo Yasai arborent le nom de villes locales telles que / comme Kamo Nasu (aubergine), Shogoin daikon (radis blanc), et Mibu-na (légume feuillus).

Kyo Yasai – Kyoto Vegetables

Abundant pure groundwater and streams from the Kamo River, fertile soil and the humid climate of this basin-shaped geography – these natural blessings nurture special gifts in the form of Kyo Yasai, or Kyoto vegetables. Many Kyo Yasai are named after related local towns such as Kamo Nasu(eggplant), Shogoin Daikon(white radish), and Mibu-na(leaf vegetable).





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Kyoto is very famous for the vegetables because of good quality water.
Sake is also good as vegetables here.



Please try to eat and drink them during your visit in Kyoto.

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